From: Tam, Wing-Kun
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 4:58 PM
Subject: LCIF Moves to Support Hurricane Isaac Disaster Relief

Dear District Coordinator of the United States,

While on the opposite side of the world attending the ANZI Forum, my thoughts are with the Lions and people of the Gulf Coast region. An area that has overcome so much in recent years, again has felt the impact of a powerful hurricane. When Hurricane Isaac hit land last night, it was as wide as the state of Oregon and impacted tens of thousands who lived within its path. Many suffering today without access to their home, clean water or personal possessions are in need of assistance – and Lions must be ready.

LCIF established the Disaster Relief Fund to meet the needs of community members impacted by disasters around the world. This funding source allows the Foundation to respond immediately and appropriately following a disaster, rather than delaying the release of funds while financial support is mobilized around the world. Several emergency grants to impacted districts through this funding area have already been approved.

As an LCIF Coordinator, you have been appointed as an ambassador. A member of a worldwide team appointed to inform your fellow Lion members of the impact their gift will have to those in need. I call on you to engage the clubs within your districts. Ask them to consideration supporting those impacted individuals by making a Melvin Jones eligible donation to the LCIF Disaster Relief Fund.

There may be no greater need for many individuals than following a disaster such as Hurricane Isaac. Do your part to ensure Lions are there to respond.


Wing-Kun Tam Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation