A reminder to club Presidents:  Be sure to appoint or elect delegates to the District Convention.  Only delegates can vote for District Officers on March 18.  Each club is entitled to one delegate for each 10 members or a major fraction thereof.  For example, a club that has 28 members would be entitled to 3 delegates.  In addition, each Past District Governor is a delegate as well.  When delegates report to the registration table at the convention, they should tell the Lions working at the table they are delegates to receive delegate cards.
Officers to be elected are:
District Governor        Teri Chambers-Rice
1st Vice District Governor    Debbie Hennessey
2nd Vice District governor    David Crawford
Lighthouse Director        Willie Alexander

There were no candidates for District Historian, so nominations may be made from the floor at the District convention.

Thank you,

District 18L Nominations and Election Chair PDG Lester Dean.