Hello Lions of 18L,
I want to introduce myself to you, I am Lion Pamela Williams and I am reaching out to you as the Cultural and Community Activities Chairperson. Our motto “We Serve” is what we stand for and what we do.  LCI has set force challenges for all lions over the over the world.  We here in District 18L has also been given that same challenge. We are now challenging all of you, and your clubs to serve your community in a special way and to Display your LIONS symbol by wearing your vest or having your banner fly while you stand up to the challenge and succeed in one of the ways explained below.
Lions Cultural and Community Activities was introduced in the year 2000.  The main focus of this initiative is to encourage clubs to undertake cultural projects that foster local customs such as concerts, theater productions, art exhibits, and handcrafts.
The objective of the Lions Cultural and Community Program is to cultivate the human qualities and values that stimulate individual creativity, enliven the community and animate the human spirit.  This is a way to give back and get to know your community up close and personal.
We as Lions are global and share a vast culture globally, so let us celebrate the diversity in our community by supporting an existing cultural project or choose to develop a new cultural project ideas.
Some of the project ideas can be in the following categories:
Visual Arts Project
Arrange public art exhibits; Sponsor a photography contest; Provide support for local artists/art leagues; Commission new public art for the community; Arrange an art auction as a club fundraiser.

Dance Projects
Organize a local dance recital. The dancers could be students or local professionals.
Invite recognized dance troupes to your community.  Sponsor a trip to a professional dance event for student dancers.  Arrange a dance contest for dancers of all ages. Present prizes to the best dancers in different age categories.  Sponsor a formal dance for the elderly.

Food Projects
Arrange a food festival featuring local fare.  Publish a cookbook of local cuisine.
Provide financial assistance for a student of food science.  Create a fundraising meal; for example, a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner.
Recreation Projects

Support a local sports team; Volunteer to help with Special Olympics events.  Provide sports equipment to a local sports league.   Sponsor an outing to a local sports event.   Build or maintain a local park, nature trail, sensory park, etc.   Volunteer to build or repair playground equipment for public parks.  Organize a sports tournament as a fundraiser.

LCI has many suggestions on the site, so if you need to find something your club and do and help the community participate in together please take a look.  Let’s get out and help others today like the Lions I know we are.

I ask you to plan a project and showcase your Lions logo on the project publicity.  I ask you to keep me in formed of your selection and your progress.  The time is now Lions of 18L, begin and wear your Lions shirt/vest let the community know who you are and what you do.  This could forester a way to gain new members, when they see you are involve and start to ask question of who you are.  This is when you tell the LIONS story and say why this project is important to better the community and lives within the community you serve.

Your response should be directed to me at the following email below.

Have a wonderful Lions day.

Lion Pamela Williams
18L, Chairperson
Cultural and Community Activities