screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-1-13-33-pmWe often hear it said that Lions is the best kept secret, right?  That may be true but with sites like Facebook, it’s easier than ever to promote your club so that we can share that secret to anyone and everyone we know.  Here are some tips on how to use Facebook (FB) for your club’s marketing.

Create a FB Page For your Club

This should be done as a business page under the correct category such as a Non Profit Organization.

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-1-18-33-pmFB will walk you through entering some important information.  Take the time to enter your club’s information into the appropriate place.  You can look at other clubs pages around the district if you want to get an idea of how this is being done before you start.


Once you have your page up, here are some tips on marketing your page.

 Identify your audience

Your audience is your prospective members.  Your audience could be any potential sponsors for your events.  It may include those you want to attend your projects, events, vision screenings or other community outreach work.  Your audience may also include vision providers in the community.

Speak to your current audience

Locate those who are currently helping you in your projects or events such as vision partners, sponsors, volunteers, etc.  Find their FB pages and “Like” those pages.  Make sure that you write a post on your page “tagging” their business to help promote them such as “We want to thank ABC business for their continued support of the X Lions club in our X project/event” along with anything else you want to say.  When you have liked their page first, it will allow you to “tag” their name.  (You can learn more about “tagging” by searching it on Google).  Tagging is a form of letting others know that you have mentioned them and it gets them attention.

Promote your events with the audience

Rather than just updating your FB page with upcoming events, you want to share what you have done with photos (people LOVE photos) of your community work.  You can do this by something simple like, “The X Lions held a vision screening at Y health fair on X Date” with a photo or two of the people having their screening.  You can also have photos or videos of people just having fun at your events.  The point is: show your work in the community – not just the advertisement of your next project.

Facebook is can be a great source of growth for your club if you work it regularly to the correct audience.  It can help you gain members, locate sponsors or club partners.

1st VDG Teri Chambers