I was just sent this information this morning – please add these two Lions to your thoughts & prayers:

Sunday morning at Church PDG Chris Sumner began experiencing severe heart pains.
His Church Members called the EMTs.  He was taken to the emergency room.  His
heart was beating at a rate of 250 beats per minute.  They gave him something
to lower the rate.  It didn’t work.  They finally got the heart rate down by deliberately
stopping his heart twice.  They found out that the upper chamber of his heart was
beating faster than the lower chamber.  He said that he may have to have a

Mike Kelly,  (Partner in Service of PDG of District O Bonnie Kelly) is a Deputy Sheriff in Ben Hill County.  Over the weekend he was involved in a high speed chase and wrecked.
He was rushed to the Macon Medical Center.  He is recovering but, has compression on his spine.

Please add these two members of our Lions family to your prayers.