trademark your club by creating a signature project

A project or event that is unique to your club provides more than just the initial impact.  It helps Lions in your community stand out as the “go-to” group in your city, town or local area.  

where to start?

Begin with one of the LCI focus areas.  Rather than re-inventing the wheel, check out some of the focus areas that LCI has researched for us.  These are areas that were of major concerns based on worldwide needs assessment.    

Diabetes Awareness

Partner with a health provider for screenings or other educational projects


Expand current vision programs to include  shelters. Provide vision screening at a senior center annually


Create a plated dinner event specifically to benefit the homeless at a shelter in your area. The proceeds can be used to feed them on a regular basis.  


Start a event to clean a river, lake or park on a regular basis, with events to celebrate success

Pediatric Cancer

Communicate with oncology specialists and parents for ways to support children going through treatment or in remission.

Community Leaders

Personally invite community leaders to large events. Make sure they are introduced and given a moment to speak. 

Committees Are Essential

The most successful projects and events involve the use of a committee. This can be 3-7 people, depending on the size of your club.  The committee’s job is to handle the events or projects.  It is the committee’s job to handle all aspects of the project rather than the entire board or club.  If your club has never worked in this manner, reach out to another club that has working committees for assistance.

Who Appoints the Committee?

Typically the President is responsible for appointing committees at the beginning of his/her term.  

Can We Advertise Our Event

Absolutely! While there are some guidelines that LCI mandates for using our Lions logo, LCI not only encourages advertising but they provide us with materials online to do so.  

Ready to get started?

For some ideas on signature projects, reach out to clubs like Alpharetta, Roswell or East Cobb to name a few.  We have a number of clubs in our District that have unique events that have helped make the club (and Lions) part of the fabric of those communities.