Chattanooga Valley Lions Recognize Two as Melvin Jones Fellows

Tuesday evening the Chattanooga Valley Lions Club added 2 Lions to their honor roll by recognizing them as Melvin Jones Fellows. They are two great Lions who have served for many years. Both began their service as Lionesses.


For the past 48 years, this active Lion has had perfect attendance, but his wife has been the one with the watch and calendar to be sure he got where he was supposed to be. It has been said that without her help, he might not have made it.

She has been associated with Lions all that time. She officially became a part of the Lions family when she became a Lioness in 1975. She became a Lion soon after the Constitution was changed in July, 1987, accepting women as full Lions members and recognizing them for their contributions to the success of Lions. She has served her club in many capacities over the years, including being Treasurer, taking care of the club’s funds. She has corresponded with Lions International and State officials about many things that had come up about the club. She offers her ideas and suggestions to the club, to help it keep moving forward. She has worked diligently on fund raising projects. She is always there to help. She is a cornerstone of her club.

Lion Nadine Carden is well deserving to be recognized as a Melvin Jones Fellow.


Another Lion with 48 years of perfect attendance has a wife who was only to glad to get him to his meetings on time. This lady joined the Lioness club in 1982 and served in many offices there. She was the very first women to become a Chattanooga Valley Lion in 1987. She was also the first lady president of the club and has served again as well. She has been an outstanding Lion working at the district and state level as a representative to the Georgia Lions Camp. She has been an active participant in her club’s activities. She is a go to person when help is needed. She has a bright smile, a bubbling personality, is a positive thinker, the kind of person you love to be with and to work with. She is a big part of the reason this club continues to serve its community so well.

Lion Katherine Fouts is an outstanding example of a Melvin Jones Fellow.


Your AMAZON purchases can help your favorite charity!

Have you heard about AmazonSMILE. It is just like the regular Amazon, same merchandise, same pricing, but it is different in a very big way. With every eligible purchase, your favorite charity gets a donation! Now, I’m not a big Amazon shopper, but my next door neighbor gets a box or two every day from them. Every day! I’ve convinced her to shop at AmazonSMILE and designate the EAST COBB LIONS CLUB FOUNDATION INC as the charity she wants to support.

It is really easy. Just go to and use your regular login and password. The first time, they will ask for the name of the charity you want to support. My suggestion, EAST COBB LIONS CLUB FOUNDATION INC, but you could use the Lighthouse or the Camp or LCIF or Learning Ally or Leader Dog or any other 501(c)3 organization. Then start shopping.

This link will take you directly to in support of the EAST COBB LIONS CLUB FOUNDATION INC:

Just remember to bookmark the AmazonSMILE page. If you shop on the regular Amazon page, no one benefits.



East Cobb Supports Meals on Wheels

Latronda Andrews-Perry, Senior Care Coordinator for Cobb Senior Services, accepts a $1000 donation from the East Cobb Lions Club Foundation to help more Cobb seniors participate in the Meals On Wheels program. Meals On Wheels provides a warm, nutritionally balanced meal 5 days a week to qualifying home bound seniors living in Cobb. Although no senior is denied services due to an inability to pay, funding can be an issue. Gifts such as these allow more seniors to participate.

Meals are not provided on county holidays, instead Cobb Senior Services relies on volunteer groups to “adopt” seniors and deliver meals on those days. For the past 27 years, the East Cobb Lions Club working with the Marietta Lions Club have assumed the responsibility for the entire program on Christmas Day, preparing and delivering over 125 meals.

PDG Ray Moore donates check on behalf of East Cobb Lions to Meals on Wheels
PDG Ray Moore donates check on behalf of East Cobb Lions to Meals on Wheels

South Cobb Lions Club August 2016 – District Governor 18-L LeslieMiller

Sponsoring Lion Barry Krebs, new members Kim and Pastor Michael Bryant, Lions District 18-L Governor Leslie Miller of Jasper Lions Club.
Sponsoring Lion Barry Krebs, new members Kim and Pastor Michael Bryant,
Lions District 18-L Governor Leslie Miller of Jasper Lions Club.

South Cobb Lions Club 2016-2017 President Tom Newman is leading the club forward and
Off to a great beginning.    The club helped with parade in Marietta by handing out flags at
July 4th parade and continue to clean the Adopt-a-miles year around.  Club has held to eye
Screenings in Mableton and Austell for the community.  There will be eye screening at the
South Cobb Library on September 17th.  Schools are back in session, club is preparing to
Assist the following schools:  Floyd Middle School, Clay, Harmony-Leland and Mableton
Elementary Schools with eye testing which will be done by club members using the SPOT
Equipment furnished by the Georgia Lions Lighthouse. Club is preparing now for annual BBQ to be held October 15th and 16th in conjunction with  the STORYTELLING FESTIVAL at Mable House.

LIONS DISTRICT GOVERNOR 18-L LESLIE MILLER of the Jasper Lions Club made official visit to South Cobb Lions Club on August 1.   Lion Leslie comes from a family of Lions, her Dad Charles Chapman was the District Governor 1972-1973.  Lions International President Bob Corlew theme: “ New Mountains
To Climb” and District 18-L theme: “ Be The Change”.  District Governor Leslie inducted in to the South Cobb Lions Club, the newest members Pastor Michael Bryant and wife, Kim.

Ms. Stacie Court of LEARNING ALLY was guest speaker at club on August 14.  Learning Ally is dedicated to empowering blind, visually impaired, or dyslexic students achieve their goals. Learning Ally studio is in Athens, Georgia were audio books are produced.  If need of services from LEARNING ALLY contact or or go to full website for full details of services and opportunities to help.  South Cobb Lions annually supports Learning Ally.

South Cobb Lions Club meets 1st and 3rd Monday each month at South Cobb Community Center 620 Lions Club Drive, SW Mableton, Georgia 30126



Cultural and Community Activities Challenge

Hello Lions of 18L,
I want to introduce myself to you, I am Lion Pamela Williams and I am reaching out to you as the Cultural and Community Activities Chairperson. Our motto “We Serve” is what we stand for and what we do.  LCI has set force challenges for all lions over the over the world.  We here in District 18L has also been given that same challenge. We are now challenging all of you, and your clubs to serve your community in a special way and to Display your LIONS symbol by wearing your vest or having your banner fly while you stand up to the challenge and succeed in one of the ways explained below.
Lions Cultural and Community Activities was introduced in the year 2000.  The main focus of this initiative is to encourage clubs to undertake cultural projects that foster local customs such as concerts, theater productions, art exhibits, and handcrafts.
The objective of the Lions Cultural and Community Program is to cultivate the human qualities and values that stimulate individual creativity, enliven the community and animate the human spirit.  This is a way to give back and get to know your community up close and personal.
We as Lions are global and share a vast culture globally, so let us celebrate the diversity in our community by supporting an existing cultural project or choose to develop a new cultural project ideas.
Some of the project ideas can be in the following categories:
Visual Arts Project
Arrange public art exhibits; Sponsor a photography contest; Provide support for local artists/art leagues; Commission new public art for the community; Arrange an art auction as a club fundraiser.

Dance Projects
Organize a local dance recital. The dancers could be students or local professionals.
Invite recognized dance troupes to your community.  Sponsor a trip to a professional dance event for student dancers.  Arrange a dance contest for dancers of all ages. Present prizes to the best dancers in different age categories.  Sponsor a formal dance for the elderly.

Food Projects
Arrange a food festival featuring local fare.  Publish a cookbook of local cuisine.
Provide financial assistance for a student of food science.  Create a fundraising meal; for example, a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner.
Recreation Projects

Support a local sports team; Volunteer to help with Special Olympics events.  Provide sports equipment to a local sports league.   Sponsor an outing to a local sports event.   Build or maintain a local park, nature trail, sensory park, etc.   Volunteer to build or repair playground equipment for public parks.  Organize a sports tournament as a fundraiser.

LCI has many suggestions on the site, so if you need to find something your club and do and help the community participate in together please take a look.  Let’s get out and help others today like the Lions I know we are.

I ask you to plan a project and showcase your Lions logo on the project publicity.  I ask you to keep me in formed of your selection and your progress.  The time is now Lions of 18L, begin and wear your Lions shirt/vest let the community know who you are and what you do.  This could forester a way to gain new members, when they see you are involve and start to ask question of who you are.  This is when you tell the LIONS story and say why this project is important to better the community and lives within the community you serve.

Your response should be directed to me at the following email below.

Have a wonderful Lions day.

Lion Pamela Williams
18L, Chairperson
Cultural and Community Activities

Give While You Shop

Did you know that both Kroger and Amazon have programs that allow you to give to your favorite charities when you spend at their stores?  It’s true and it’s EASY!


Kroger has a program called Community Rewards.  Once you have a Kroger account, you simply enroll in the Community Rewards and choose your charity of choice.  Of course we hope that you will make your selection either the Georgia Lions Lighthouse #97345 or the Georgia Lions Camp #34189.  That’s it!  You spend, we earn!  It’s free to sign up and you only need to re-enroll each year for YOUR Lions projects to earn money while you spend!  Visit to get started.


Amazon Smile works in a similar fashion but is totally online.  Next time you plan to shop on Amazon, enter to go to their site.  It’s that simple.  How do you get started?  Visit to get started today and select the charity you wish to support.  Again, we hope you will support either the Lighthouse or the Camp!


Dissension & Retention: Membership is More than Growth

Every year someone stands before your club, the District or the Lions state membership and discusses how we need to grow membership.  While that is certainly true and we all want new members, especially younger and more vibrant members, we cannot ignore the value of retaining the members we have in our clubs now.  This article is going to focus on something we ALL must address if we are to stop reducing in size as Lions: the loss of our members and the role that dissension in our clubs is playing in that loss.

Why We Lose Our Members?

Since this is an article, I cannot ask for a show of hands.  If I could, I am confident that the room would be full of hands when I ask this question.  How many of you have ever wanted to leave your club because of disagreements, arguments or political plays and controlling behaviors going on in your club?  Have you ever wanted to leave because of a member who makes things difficult for other members?  What about dreading attending meetings or events to avoid specific members?  That is what I mean when I say “dissension” in your club.  It’s having constant disagreements with nothing to show for it.  Someone is always upset and it’s usually the same person(s) creating the tension.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone.  I have spent the last 2 years working with clubs over what I refer to as “personality” issues.  These are problems that arise because one or more members of the club cannot or will not work with the others in the club.  I know I have made that sound very simple when their problems are much more complex.  Some of these clubs have lost many members and some clubs have split off completely.  Sometimes, no matter what the District leadership says or does will provide a mechanism for a club’s survival.  It is up to the members of the club to work together, or not.

Why Did You Join?

Let’s go back to the beginning.  Why did you join the Lions?  You had a purpose.  Was there a project or event that drove you?  Were there friends you wanted to share time with volunteering? Did you have a passion for a specific need that we, as Lions fill?

Everyone who joins a civic or community service or outreach program has a reason for doing so.  It’s important that you know your reason and that it was for the right reason.  I am going to be very open and honest here.  If your reason was NOT to help others in the community or others that we serve, I am not sure Lions is for you.  If your reason is not STILL to help others in the community, take a look at what changed and when that changed.  We need to focus on getting that back.

It’s Not About You

I love our club, our District and the Georgia Lions.  I love the part that I play in each role I have taken to make it better (hopefully).  But it’s not about me.  It’s about those WE SERVE.  And right now, this article is about you and your club.  This article is about helping you take a look at your club, your board of directors and your members to ask: who are we serving? Are you serving your ego? Your need to be correct? If that is the case, and we have ALL done it (just ask my wife), try one of the following things next time you catch yourself in a meeting:

  • Take a step back before responding
  • Say the following: I think we should all lay our ideas out and think about them until the next time we meet
  • Let’s all agree to allow the other person to speak freely without talking over one another
  • Could I suggest that we vote by secret ballot since this is a hot and contested subject
  • Abstain completely if you are too emotionally involved

It takes strength and courage to do these things.  But Lions are known for strength and courage in the face of adversity.  It is why we are an organization that accepts members by invitation only; so that we can accept the best of the best and those who can make the difficult decisions.

I am always here for anyone who needs help.

PDG Mark Rice

District GMT Coordinator



What are Hashtags and How Could They Promote Lionism?

Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

Using hashtags to categorize Tweets by keyword:

People use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter Search.

Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets marked with that keyword.

Hashtags can occur anywhere in the Tweet – at the beginning, middle, or end.

Hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending Topics.

For example, #‎LionsofGa18L would be a great way for us to link together all of the  tweets from the clubs within our district. Add in an additional ‪#‎LionsClubs‬ and we would be grouping our Tweets together with Lions Clubs from around the world. As people post tweets with the same hashtag, the corresponding feed can easily turn into a discussion. Post enough tweets to both of these hashtags and you could make District 18L and Lions Clubs a trending topic.

Even if you just Tweet or post a picture – add in the hashtag and promote Lionism.

Don’t forget – add #‎LionsofGa18L ‪#‎LionsClubs‬ the end of every Tweet.

Remember if you link your Facebook page to your Twitter account you can hash tag in your Facebook post and they will also be included in your Tweet.