Chattanooga Valley Lions Recognize Two as Melvin Jones Fellows

Tuesday evening the Chattanooga Valley Lions Club added 2 Lions to their honor roll by recognizing them as Melvin Jones Fellows. They are two great Lions who have served for many years. Both began their service as Lionesses.


For the past 48 years, this active Lion has had perfect attendance, but his wife has been the one with the watch and calendar to be sure he got where he was supposed to be. It has been said that without her help, he might not have made it.

She has been associated with Lions all that time. She officially became a part of the Lions family when she became a Lioness in 1975. She became a Lion soon after the Constitution was changed in July, 1987, accepting women as full Lions members and recognizing them for their contributions to the success of Lions. She has served her club in many capacities over the years, including being Treasurer, taking care of the club’s funds. She has corresponded with Lions International and State officials about many things that had come up about the club. She offers her ideas and suggestions to the club, to help it keep moving forward. She has worked diligently on fund raising projects. She is always there to help. She is a cornerstone of her club.

Lion Nadine Carden is well deserving to be recognized as a Melvin Jones Fellow.


Another Lion with 48 years of perfect attendance has a wife who was only to glad to get him to his meetings on time. This lady joined the Lioness club in 1982 and served in many offices there. She was the very first women to become a Chattanooga Valley Lion in 1987. She was also the first lady president of the club and has served again as well. She has been an outstanding Lion working at the district and state level as a representative to the Georgia Lions Camp. She has been an active participant in her club’s activities. She is a go to person when help is needed. She has a bright smile, a bubbling personality, is a positive thinker, the kind of person you love to be with and to work with. She is a big part of the reason this club continues to serve its community so well.

Lion Katherine Fouts is an outstanding example of a Melvin Jones Fellow.


Don’t Underestimate What LIONS Can Do

The East Cobb Lions Club received this note of thanks. Just one child, but the impact on her life is enormous.

From: Cheryl Hammen

To: Ed Ressler

Sent: 3/6/2018 11:11:34 AM

Subject: Thank you to the East Cobb Lions Club

Hello Ed,

I just wanted to let you know we have a parent that is very appreciative of the vision screening the Lions Club did for us back in the fall. Her daughter is a first grader. Your screening showed some issues, even though our county eye chart screening showed that she passed and she had always passed the vision screening at the pediatrician’s office. We sent the pdf file home and our counselor followed up with the mother at that time. There was a meeting today with the mother and she let us know the student has some major vision issues that are being addressed by a pediatric opthalmologist.  She was very thankful for the Lions Club for discovering she had some vision issues.


We hope to have you come back next fall for our screening. We will be in touch.

Thank you for all you do!

Cheryl Hammen, RN

School Nurse

Kincaid Elementary School


Cobb County Lions Clubs have been busy this fall!

The Cobb County School system requires an annual hearing and vision screening for each 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th grade student. The standard hearing tests are time consuming, requiring a quiet room, earphones and the student to respond to a series of tones in each ear. The standard vision test is simpler: the student stands on a line 10 feet from a wall chart, covers one eye and reads a single line of letters. This measurement determines if the child has Myopia (near-sightedness). In other words , can they see the board at the front of the room? No other conditions are checked.

Into that void, stepped the East Cobb, Smyrna-Jonquil, Marietta, Atlanta Latino, Paulding County-West Cobb and South Cobb Lions Clubs. Using our SPOT vision screening machines, Lion Ed Ressler reports that in 32 elementary, middle, and high schools we visited, we screened 10385 students, 2079 of which did NOT pass our comprehensive screening. We found students with Hyperopia (far-sightedness) who could not read a book up close. We also found students with Anisometropia, Astigmatism, Anisocora, and Gaze Asymmetry. The South Cobb club used its machine for an additional 8 schools and an unknown number of students. Between the six clubs we reached just shy of 40% of the schools in Cobb County and in the range 13 to 14,000 students.

The schools were responsible for contacting parents and following up to be sure the students received the attention they needed. Some remedies were simple: remind the student to wear their glasses, get broken frames repaired, get an updated eye exam and new glasses as needed. Each school was told that if a student wasn’t able to get help through the school system or other sources developed by the school, that the Lions would step in and help. The East Cobb Club provided over 175 exams and glasses. Smyrna-Jonquil and Paulding-West Cobb helped as well. The South Cobb  club works in the Mableton-Austell area as does the Marietta club in the city of Marietta.

International President, Lion Joe Wrobleski (1985-86) had as his theme, “BETTER TOGETHER”. He was alluding to the partnership between Lions and Lioness clubs, but his thought holds promise for what we Lions can accomplish TODAY, TOGETHER. Lions Clubs working in partnership with each other can reach more people and do what Lions do best, SERVE.


Tax Deductible Year-end Giving

Taking a moment to share……..

Forbes Magazine has an article on “10 Relatively Stress-Free Year-End Moves to Make to Save on Taxes after Tax Reform” (click on link below for full article).  The #1 move they suggest is to Give to Charity!


  1. Give To Charity. Charitable donations are an easy way to reduce your taxable income if you itemize. In order to claim a charitable deduction on your tax return, you must itemize your deductions on a Schedule A. With some itemized deductions on the way out in 2018 – and the standard deduction on the way up – there may be less of a tax incentive for charitable donations in the new year (there are still non-tax reasons to give). If you anticipate itemizing your deductions for the 2017 tax year but not doing so in 2018, consider giving to charity by year-end to maximize your deductions. (Note: The East Cobb Lions Club Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization that has provided over 11,000 vision screenings this past year and provided over 175 professional exams and eye wear. Please consider us, contact:

Meals On Wheels Project a Success!

For the past 34 years, the Marietta and East Cobb Lions have combined forces to prepare, serve, and deliver a warm meal to any senior who participates in the Cobb Meals On Wheels program. The seniors are canvassed by Cobb Senior Services to see if a meal is needed on Christmas Day and if any additional meals are need for visiting friends and family. This year, we served 90 meals at 60 different locations. We encourage community members to participate. They bring their kids and grand kids and spend the morning decorating and packing bags with fruit and cake and warm wishes for a Happy Holiday season. Then 40 drivers hit the road to deliver to all 4 corners of our county. Check us out, we even made a local news paper:

Your AMAZON purchases can help your favorite charity!

Have you heard about AmazonSMILE. It is just like the regular Amazon, same merchandise, same pricing, but it is different in a very big way. With every eligible purchase, your favorite charity gets a donation! Now, I’m not a big Amazon shopper, but my next door neighbor gets a box or two every day from them. Every day! I’ve convinced her to shop at AmazonSMILE and designate the EAST COBB LIONS CLUB FOUNDATION INC as the charity she wants to support.

It is really easy. Just go to and use your regular login and password. The first time, they will ask for the name of the charity you want to support. My suggestion, EAST COBB LIONS CLUB FOUNDATION INC, but you could use the Lighthouse or the Camp or LCIF or Learning Ally or Leader Dog or any other 501(c)3 organization. Then start shopping.

This link will take you directly to in support of the EAST COBB LIONS CLUB FOUNDATION INC:

Just remember to bookmark the AmazonSMILE page. If you shop on the regular Amazon page, no one benefits.






The following 18 L District officers are to be elected at the District convention in March.

District Governor – Must be currently serving as First Vice District Governor

First Vice District Governor – Must be currently serving as Second Vice District Governor

Second Vice District Governor – Must have served as President of a Lions Club and a member of the board of directors of a Lions Club for no less than two additional years.  Must have served as a Zone Chair or Region Chair, or Cabinet Secretary or Treasurer.  None of the above are to be accomplished concurrently.

District Librarian – Must be a current Lions Club member in good standing

Qualified candidates for the above offices must file their intention to run in writing to the nominations chair at least 30 days (no later than February 16) before the District convention. (March 16).  The candidates must also furnish evidence of their compliance with the qualifications for said office set out in the International Constitution and By-Laws.  

Georgia Lions Camp Director – Must be a current Lions Club member in good standing.  This is a two year term.  Must notify the District Governor and Chairman of the Board (Olin Newby) in writing of intention to run for office at least 30 days before the District Convention. 


Submitted by District 18L Nominations & Elections Chair, PDG Lester Dean, 4387 Shiloh Trail, Powder Springs, Ga, 30127, e-mail

2018 District Convention/Retreat

2018 District 18L Convention & Retreat Registration Information

March 16-17-18, 2018

Cohutta Springs Conference Center

1175 Cohutta Springs Road


Crandall, GA 30711



The beautiful and relaxing Cohutta Springs Conference Center is 750 pristine acres, including a 55-acre lake, located in the North Georgia mountains ten miles north of Chatsworth. 

  • Activities include hiking, canoeing, fishing (bring your own rod and tackle), basketball, sand volleyball, a fitness center, and relaxing along the lake shore.
  • Also available are hayrides and pontoon boat rides. Both of these activities require advance scheduling with the conference center so please indicate your interest on the Registration Form.  If there’s sufficient interest we’ll arrange for one or both of these enjoyable activities.
  • There is a business center on the premises, as well as free Wi-Fi in the lodging and meeting facilities.


Important Note:  Cohutta Springs is owned by the Seventh-Day Adventists.  As such it is a smoke-free facility and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the property. 



The registration fee is $75.00 per person. This includes all conference sessions, meetings, and activities, as well as all five meals throughout the weekend (Friday dinner, all three meals on Saturday, and Sunday breakfast with our INTERNATIONAL GUEST).  Complete the Registration Form on the following page and mail it, along with your check, to the address on the form.



  • Standard rooms (2 queen beds) are $105/night + tax and resort fee.
  • Other lodging options include rooms with king-sized beds as well as two chalets with fully-equipped kitchen, multiple bedrooms, and a living room. Rates for these lodging options can be obtained from the Cohutta Springs reservation staff. 
  • Make your reservations directly with Cohutta Conference Center by calling

706-695-9093. Be sure to let them know you are with the Lions.

Registration Form is below: 

18L District Convention Retreat Registration Form

Bartow County Lions Celebrate Earth Day

The Bartow County Lions Club celebrated Earth Day by working on their Freedom Braille Trail in Cartersville GA.   Nine members volunteered, as well as a number of volunteers from Team Home Depot, to spread base material for the path, set posts in concrete and string the rope guide line at the trail.  A local Scout came out to propose his Eagle Scout PROJECT for the trail.

A local Scout came out to propose his Eagle Scout PROJECT for the trail.

We also want to thank Ag-Pro in Cartersville for the use of brand new John Deere equipment to load and level the base material on our Braille Trail