Chattanooga Valley Lions Recognize Two as Melvin Jones Fellows

Tuesday evening the Chattanooga Valley Lions Club added 2 Lions to their honor roll by recognizing them as Melvin Jones Fellows. They are two great Lions who have served for many years. Both began their service as Lionesses.


For the past 48 years, this active Lion has had perfect attendance, but his wife has been the one with the watch and calendar to be sure he got where he was supposed to be. It has been said that without her help, he might not have made it.

She has been associated with Lions all that time. She officially became a part of the Lions family when she became a Lioness in 1975. She became a Lion soon after the Constitution was changed in July, 1987, accepting women as full Lions members and recognizing them for their contributions to the success of Lions. She has served her club in many capacities over the years, including being Treasurer, taking care of the club’s funds. She has corresponded with Lions International and State officials about many things that had come up about the club. She offers her ideas and suggestions to the club, to help it keep moving forward. She has worked diligently on fund raising projects. She is always there to help. She is a cornerstone of her club.

Lion Nadine Carden is well deserving to be recognized as a Melvin Jones Fellow.


Another Lion with 48 years of perfect attendance has a wife who was only to glad to get him to his meetings on time. This lady joined the Lioness club in 1982 and served in many offices there. She was the very first women to become a Chattanooga Valley Lion in 1987. She was also the first lady president of the club and has served again as well. She has been an outstanding Lion working at the district and state level as a representative to the Georgia Lions Camp. She has been an active participant in her club’s activities. She is a go to person when help is needed. She has a bright smile, a bubbling personality, is a positive thinker, the kind of person you love to be with and to work with. She is a big part of the reason this club continues to serve its community so well.

Lion Katherine Fouts is an outstanding example of a Melvin Jones Fellow.