District Awards

District 18-L Club Excellence Award

July 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018

Competition among Lions Clubs will start July 1, 2017 and end April 30, 2018. All clubs in District 18-L will automatically be entered into the  District Governor’s Contest. In order to qualify, clubs will be asked to meet the criteria for Club Excellence Award from Lions Clubs International.

The Club Excellence Award Form will be available from LCI soon! Check back here for updates or visit Lions Clubs page at: Club Excellence Awards

The criteria are outlined as follows:

1) Conduct (at least) 3 service projects.

2) Make a contribution to LCIF.

3) Achieve a net growth in membership OR sponsor a new club.

4) Publicize clubs service activities to the public through local media and effectively communicate activities to club members.

5) All officer positions are filled by qualified Lions in accordance with the constitution and bylaws, the club was represented at zone and district meetings, and a majority of club officers participated in leadership training program (lions University, training events at district meetings, etc).

6) Club has reported Membership, Service Activities and New Club Officers in a timely manner.

7) Club is in good standing.

Progress toward the award will be monitored by the District Governor Team, and clubs that attempt to meet these criteria will be recognized at the State Convention in 2018. Application for the award from Lions Clubs International may be made by August 31, 2018, and will be presented during a subsequent district meeting.

District 18-L Spouse Recognition

A recognition program for a deserving spouse in your Lions Club or associated with your local Lions Club was established in District 18-E in 2005. This recognition program will be continued in District 18-L. Each Lions Club may nominate a spouse in their club or someone who is associated with their club, who assists in a project or projects, devoting time and effort for fund raising or community improvement.

A spouse in your club who may or may not be a Lion but has given of themselves beyond the call of duty, such as assisting in projects in your club or in the community that entails worth through Lionism. This is a special recognition. There is always that special spouse who deserves and has contributed considerably over the past year or years, maybe sometimes without a “Thank You” for the extra effort.

We need the cooperation from each club to make it a success. Each club should send a nomination letter with the name, address, and information about the individual with some detailed examples of what and how they have given to your club.

Send your nomination letter to the District Governor and Committee Chair by January 15th of each year for acceptance. The District Governor will make the presentation at the annual District Convention. If the selected nominee or their designated recipient is not able to attend the District Convention, then the District Governor will make the presentation at a club meeting or at another appropriate time and place.

Order of the Golden Chain 

To submit your Golden Chain, please click on the link below.  Lion Joyce Culberson is our Golden Chain Chair.  

Golden Chain Application 

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