Cyber (Virtual) Club – Let’s Get it Going!

Do you know someone who has politely declined to join Lions because “I just don’t have time for meetings” or “I really do not have the money for meals”? How about “I have so many things going on right now that I have no time for meetings”?  Most of these prospective members indicate that they are involved in other things and would love to be involved in community projects if it weren’t for “the meetings, the time taken for the meetings or the money for the meals”.  These can be our perfect candidates for the very first Cyber (online) club in our District! 

An online club is just like any regular club as far as the organization goes.  To charter, we still need 25 members.  We still have a Board and we still report our activities and pay dues. We build, plan and and discuss as a club – except we do it online.  Here are some of the perks of having an online club: 

  • Members can be from anywhere in the region
  • There is no regular physical meeting
  • Meetings take place online
  • Meeting are mostly for the purpose of planning projects, reporting back about the projects and overall camaraderie
  • LCI only requires 1 physical meeting annually
  • There are no issues with “changing” locations
  • It’s easy to get the word out to anyone who may be interested
  • No extra costs – only the regular member fees


How does it work?

Online clubs will have a Board of Directors.  Just like a new club, there will be meetings online to get started.  It will be promoted and new members will “drop in” at the designated online meeting time.  Meetings can take place at a variety of times so that it fits the needs of varying schedules.  Meetings can be in the morning, lunchtime or in the evenings.  Once enough members are in the club, the members will elect a Board of Directors and begin working on a project.  

Another great thing about these types of clubs is that they can be very focused.  For example, an online club can choose to focus on just one type of project, such as, providing educational support for teachers throughout the year.  They can set goals, objectives, just like a regular club.  Reports are uploaded and emailed out just like a regular club and service hours will be submitted as with any other club.  

Where are the meetings? 

The meetings can be held at any online venue.  Facebook, Skype, FreeConference, Google Hangouts and more.  Meetings can be video conference meetings or completely by phone, chat, text or a combination of all of these.  This is completely up to those in the club.  Some online clubs want to see one another so video chat services that purpose.  For an online club that merely wants to meet to update one another on the status of service projects, video chat may not be as important.  The point is that there are many options and many FREE options.  

Getting Started

If you know someone who may be interested in joining our first online club, please contact DG Teri.