District Rally – Service Project

Lions of District L turned out in a big way on Saturday August 5th for the first District Rally and Service Project of the new Lions year.  Hosted by East Cobb Lions, the DG Team had their first cabinet meeting and two service projects.  

Michele Benoit gave an informal presentation about Diabetes Awareness followed by a Strides for Diabetes poster project, creating 24 posters to be used throughout the district.  

After the Cabinet Meeting, Wild Bill and his lovely Hiccups entertained us through lunch.

Following lunch, we filled nearly 100 backpacks.  Book bags were provided by the District purchased in bulk allowing us to purchase these for under $3 per bag.  Lions brought bags of items to be stuffed into the backpacks and once filled these were left at the Ward Recreation facility to be delivered to a Title 1 school in the area.






 The following morning we received an email from the Ward center: 

Mr. and Mrs. Moore,

I am overwhelmed by the Lion’s Club’s generosity!!  There are 98 book bags with supplies here!!!  What a blessing this will be to so many children!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


Knowing that we could help so many in such a small amount of time reminds us why we became Lions.  

This project accomplished several things:

  • Lions worked together on service projects while still having fun and fellowship together.  
  • We completed a project to make a difference in a community in our district. 
  • We all continued to learn and grow together as Lions
  • It reminded us that we don’t always need a large project to affect a large group.  
  • We stayed relevant in the community by assessing their needs.  When PDG Ray Moore was making plans for us to have our meeting at their facility, he communicated with the Ward recreation center and found that they knew of a Title 1 school in need of book bags.  

Our next Rally will be on October 14th!  The venue will be announced soon!  Food will be provided by our South Cobb Lions.  We will be having a Halloween costume contest.  More details to follow!  Spread the word!  We want even more Lions at this event!