Give While You Shop

Did you know that both Kroger and Amazon have programs that allow you to give to your favorite charities when you spend at their stores?  It’s true and it’s EASY!


Kroger has a program called Community Rewards.  Once you have a Kroger account, you simply enroll in the Community Rewards and choose your charity of choice.  Of course we hope that you will make your selection either the Georgia Lions Lighthouse #97345 or the Georgia Lions Camp #34189.  That’s it!  You spend, we earn!  It’s free to sign up and you only need to re-enroll each year for YOUR Lions projects to earn money while you spend!  Visit to get started.


Amazon Smile works in a similar fashion but is totally online.  Next time you plan to shop on Amazon, enter to go to their site.  It’s that simple.  How do you get started?  Visit to get started today and select the charity you wish to support.  Again, we hope you will support either the Lighthouse or the Camp!