Paulding Community Helps Fire Victims

Paulding-West Cobb Lions Join In Relief Efforts

Early in the morning of February 18 a fire broke out in a house off Greystone Parkway in Hiram. Before it was over, four homes had been completely destroyed and fourteen more suffered damage. Three families lost everything in the fire.

The Paulding County community, led by Hiram Police Chaplain Cliff McGrady and the Greystone neighborhood homeowners’ association, responded quickly to provide assistance to the families. Police Chaplain McGrady worked with local restaurants and motels to find food and shelter for the families, and issued a list of items they needed. The community response was so great that within a day the families had all the clothes they needed. But these now homeless families needed more than just clothes.

Paulding West Cobb Lions grabbed the tiger by the tail to assist in this relief effort. Ginger Eatman contacted the other clubs in our Zone to request monetary donations. Mark Rice secured donations totaling $1,500 from the Building Officials Association of Georgia, the Northwest Georgia Inspectors Association, and the Marietta Lions Club. East Cobb Lions Ray and Liz Moore donated backpacks for the three school-aged girls impacted by the fires.

Michele Benoit worked with Chaplain McGrady to identify the most pressing needs for the fire victims. The list included luggage, towels, toiletries, and school supplies. She and Ginger shopped for the luggage and towels, and then they took the families shopping so that each person could select their own toiletries and school supplies. In addition to all these items, two of the adults and two children lost their eye glasses in the fire. Ginger is making arrangements to get new glasses for all of them as quickly as possible.

But help is still needed for these displaced families. Gift cards and monetary donations can be dropped off at the lobbies of the Hiram Police Department and City Hall, M-F 8-5. Or you can donate directly to the Paulding-West Cobb Lions Club. Be sure to mark your check “Hiram Fire Victims Assistance.”


Photo with Luggage:
– Taken at Clubstore Outlet in Hiram
– From left to right: Assistant Manager Nicole Wiggs, Lion Ginger Eatman, Store Manager Donna Marshall, Lion Michele Benoit
– Donna and Nicole helped us find AWESOME luggage sets (each of those big bags has a matching smaller one inside it). We also found some great hand towels and wash cloths. Then they really made our day: 25% discount off our total purchase! So we need to give them some publicity to express our appreciation and encourage our members to patronize their store. They’re in the Paulding Commons shopping center, located between Academy Sports and Hobby Lobby.


Photo at Walmart:
– Taken at the Hiram Walmart during our big shopping trip.
– From left to right: Jakobi Hayden (age 13), Yolanda Woodland, Lion Ginger Eatman, Jaya Eaves (age 10), Zahria Eaves (age 7), Allison Eaves, and Lion Michele Benoit
– We invited the families to join us so they could choose their own products, brands, etc. .