Processing Credit Card Payments for Fundraising and Dues

Does your club currently process credit card payments? If not – it is very easy to setup.

As we move more and more to a cashless society this may be something your club needs to consider. This capability can be used for your fundraising projects and your collection of fees for dues and meals. Plus  – it is very easy to setup.

My club currently uses Paypal and for years we have had the ability to list an item on our website or in an email and process the payment from a credit card or another PayPal account. PayPal currently charges 2.9% + 0.30 per transaction to use the online merchant capability. FYI – we currently pass this mark up as a convenience charge to our users.

PayPal has a fancy tool that builds an icon or icons for item(s) to add to your website or an email. That icon has coding behind it that identifies the item and calls their special coding to total the sale and bill a credit card. The user gets a view basket and an email confirmation of the sale is generated for the club and the buyer. Some beginner to intermediate web skills are required to set this up.

Just recently PayPal came out with PayPal Here and my club is going to use it for an upcoming fundraiser. This involves adding a credit card reader to your smart phone. It attaches normally where you would attach your headphones. You also must download an application to your phone to work with the reader and the PayPal application.  If you want a receipt you will need a printer – any HP Air Printer will work.

For PayPal Here, PayPal charges 2.7% when you swipe a card or 3.5% plus $0.15 when you manually enter the charge card numbers. This may be a better deal for you if you are paying a restaurant or a golf course to process credit cards for you.

PayPal will send you a Free PayPal Here reader but if you cannot wait you can go get one from Staples. You can certainly have more than one reader if you have a big event. Here is the link at Staples to purchase one: Staples has a deal where you spend around $15 and they rebate the $15 back to you.

Whether you use PayPal online or PayPal Here you will need to setup a PayPal account for your club. Part of the process involves authenticating your identity by linking to a checking account. Be careful doing this – limit access and use the most secure passwords possible.  Money from transactions is collected and it must be periodically swept into your linked checking account.

There are other card readers and other credit services – this is just one to give you an idea of the technology and the cost. If you come up with something better, please share with me and the other readers.