South Cobb – Nonprofit Litter Prevention Organization of the Year!

On Friday, December 2nd, Keep Georgia Beautiful hosted their 2016 Annual Awards Banquet.  At the banquet, the South Cobb Lions Club was recognized as the Nonprofit Litter Prevention organization of the year.  They had removed 462 bags of litter, 145 tires and 108 pieces of furniture from the South Cobb area over the previous year.  The South Cobb Litter Index was reduced from 1.63 to 1.07.  The Litter Index ranks all four Cobb Districts on a scale from 1 to 4 with lower being better.  1.07 is close to being perfect.  We actually had the lowest rating of all four Cobb County Districts this year!

Way to go, South Cobb! Outstanding Work!

kcb-awards-south-cobb-lions-clubNote: Keep Cobb Beautiful was presented with an Affiliate Of The Year for their clean up, recycling and tree planting efforts in 2016.  Keep Smyrna Beautiful was also presented with an Affiliate Of The Year Award for all of their accomplishments in 2016.  Keep Cobb Beautiful’s Todd Niemeier was named as the “2016 Man Of The Year” for his tree planting successes throughout the year.  He is currently working on several projects that will impact South Cobb next year as well.