Two more outstanding weeks!

The past two weeks have been busy, very busy. The East Cobb Lions Club teamed up with the Smyrna Jonquil, Paulding County-West Cobb and Marietta Lions Clubs. We visited 8 Cobb County schools. Together we screened 1894 kids and found a total of 403 who needed further attention. Some of those children just needed replacements for broken or lost glasses. Many of them had received eye care through the Medicaid program which does NOT replace broken or lost eye wear. Its services are limited to once annually. Some had no idea that their vision was compromised. Several times, we asked a student about glasses they admitted they had at home and didn’t wear. Nearby teachers had never seen the student with glasses and offered that that explained their lower academic achievement. It is amazing what we learn. Even better, we had the opportunity to intercede positively in a student’s life, hopefully brightening their future!

The big news is that we were able to add a third SPOT machine at one of our screenings, courtesy of the Marietta Lions Club. In the first hour, we screened over 160 students. It took us longer than expected to do the entire 7th grade because the school was not prepared for our speed and often, we had to wait on the kids to arrive. With two machines, we know we can screen at least 100 kids an hour and usually more, IF the kids are there. We will use the third machine again this coming week at a local high school where we are scheduled to see at least 500 students.

The word is spreading, Lions can do in a few hours what can and does take days. Plus, we tell them far more about a student’s vision than what their standard test finds.

We do great! We roar! We serve! We are Lions!