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Chattanooga Valley Lions Club


Energizing and Engaging Clubs through Service, Membership, and Leadership
The 18 L Global Action Team reminds you to revisit and review the Road show #1. Thanks!


Happy New Year!! Inside find successes of 2020 and our plan for 2021

2020 for those Lion Leaders who want to act now… skip to blue section below.
The year 2020 has been different. Social distancing, masks, and FaceTime have become the new normal. Some traditions, service projects and fund raising opportunities have been torpedoed. New ideas and excitement have emerged.   Lions Clubs International was faced with the challenge of the Spanish Flu shortly after its formation. Yet, when we talk of the history of our association, we focus on the expansion of clubs into new communities; new and exciting service projects; and, our former leaders, who embraced the vision of a better tomorrow through service to others.   How will we, the Lion leaders of today, be remembered by the many generation to come?   Let me suggest to you that we will be remembered as a group of dedicated Lions that have banded together to expand our footprint of service, engage more volunteer members and provide leadership opportunities to every Lion. Our kindness to others will be remembered long after the impact of our service has faded.   Through the haze created by COVID-19, there is hope. Just look at
some of our successes….

The Lions of Constitutional Area 1 have overcome challenges to post some impressive results in the first 6 months of FY 2020-21.   We have formed 73 new clubs that is an increase of 53 over the same time period last year. Who can remember a 265% increase in new clubs?We have decreased members leaving our association by 4% as compared to last year. The 656 members that we saved, will impact over 6500 lives. Retention of quality Lions is as important as adding new Lions.Even with the challenge of adapting to new ways to meet and serve, almost 9,000 new members joined existing clubs. As we learn to meet and engage in a virtual world, it is possible that we could increase that number to 36,000 by June 30.
What is the next step toward Success?

2021 is the year that we turn the lights back on. There was no vaccine in 1918 -1919. Yet, Lions found ways to continue in their quest to make an impact. Today, we have the hope of a vaccine to stop the spread of this devastating virus. Hence, our expansion of service, engagement of new members, formation of new clubs and retention of current members is more promising than ever.
Action Steps
If you have not, register and join VP Doug, Brian and Patti for the January Road To Success webinar series. The first episode is January 4 at 7 PM CST. Link to save your seat is below.
Share the Link to register on your social media and with your club members, please
Invite a new member to join your club, this week.
Help one struggling club to “Turn the lights on”
Let your Global Action Team Leaders know how we can serve you, your club and district.
Click here to save your seat!! January 4, 11, 18, and 25
Resources to assist you
Global Action Team Area Leader Roster
North America Membership initiative
District Membership Progress Reports

Thank You!!! Sincerely,
Jerome Thompson, PID CA 1 GAT Leader PO Box 593 Moulton Alabama 35650   256-340-4762

Thank youGrady Foundation

Amy –
One of the things I am most thankful for this year is the incredible generosity of our community.  Even in the early days of the pandemic, when no one knew what tomorrow might bring, people like you thought about Team Grady.
Your gift of meals provided sustenance.  As a sign of how much the community cared, it also fed our employees’ souls.  We will always be grateful for your wonderful gift.
I hope that you and all those important to you enjoy a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.
Gratefully –

Joselyn Butler Baker President | Grady Health Foundation 191 Peachtree Street, NE | Suite 820 | Atlanta, Georgia 30303 O: (404) 489-1559 | M: (404) 432-7389


REGISTRATION IS OPEN!     Dear District Governor,   I would like to share some exciting news with you. The Leos & Lions of Canada are hosting the 4th USA/Canada Leo Leadership Forum on July 21 to 25, 2021 at the Sheraton Cavalier Calgary Hotel. Registration is now OPEN! This 2021 Leo Leadership Forum will bring Leos together from across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. During the course of the week, we have seminars in various areas of leadership and community-organizing as part of our core curriculum toward the diploma earned at this Forum. We also have elective seminars prepared by Leos. It’s our goal to also empower our Leos to educate each other in areas of interest to them related to leadership. At the conclusion of every seminar, the facilitator will offer a quiz on the subject. The passing of this seminar quiz will give the Leos credits needed to graduate from our program. All seminars are reviewed by our Dean of the High School Program and Leadership Development committee members.   We invite an international officer as our guest speaker at every Leo Leadership Forum. This gives our Leos the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our association and the legacy that our Founder Melvin Jones left for the world. Leos also get the opportunity to network and bond with other Leos, Leo-Lions, Lions, and LCI Staff Members. We provide a full day of fun touring the host city area and a day of community service planned by the Leo Host Committee. We have an Opening Ceremony/Dinner together with a Closing Night Dinner Gala that includes the presentation of diplomas and concludes with an entertaining night of dancing. Our Leos return home more knowledgeable about our Association, the Leo Club Program, and ways to continue building up their own clubs while bringing bright new ideas for service projects and fundraisers. This Leo Forum will help Leos become great leaders ready to serve their community and continue to grow as individuals while feeling proud to be Leos. We welcome Leo Club Advisors, Lions and parents to attend the Forum and enjoy the experience as well.   Please share this email with your Leos and Lions interested in learning more about the Leo Club Program. If your Leo Club is school-based, our team is happy to speak to principals or faculty advisors to better explain our Leo Forum or answer any questions. Our contact information is listed below. Take a look at our video showing highlights of our 3rd Leo Leadership Forum attached to see what it’s all about firsthand. We look forward to welcoming all Leos and Lions to Calgary.   Sincerely,   Leo Fabian Maxwell Chair, Leo Advisory Council   FVDG Michelle Harris Chair, Leo Forum Host Committee   PIP Judge Brian Stevenson Vice Chair, Leo Forum Host Committee   Leo Loralee Klys Host Area Representative, Leo Advisory Council   Leo Alicia Kiri Beer Canadian Representative, Leo Advisory Council
Feel free to email us if you have any questions at:   [email protected]

3rd USA/Canada Leo Leadership Forum 2019

USA/Canada Leo Leadership Foundation | Website


GA Lions Camp December Newsletter
Season’s greetings to you and yours! Enjoy the Georgia Lions Camp December Newsletter…click below:
GA Lions Camp December 2020 Newsletter


GA Lions Lighthouse Notice

Fellow Georgia Lions,
The candidates who submitted letters of intent to be placed on the ballot as qualified to stand for election for the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation for the 2021 – 2022 fiscal year are as follows:
Chairman:     Jon Winters
Vice Chair:     Garner Andrews
Tammera Sears
Secretary:      Vicki Hubbard
Treasurer:     Mark Bradley
Elections will be held at the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Board meeting to be held in Perry, GA on January 30, 2021 at 1 pm.
On November 14, 2020, the GLLF Constitution and By-Laws Subcommittee’s recommendation for amendments to the GLLF Constitution and By-Laws was approved by the Board of Directors. Notice is hereby given, that each resolution will be presented to the Lions of Georgia for adoption at the Annual Lions Lighthouse Volunteer meeting in Perry, GA on January 30, 2021 at 1 pm. Please see the below attached recommended resolutions for amendments and current Constitution and Bylaws of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. GLLF CB&L   GLLF C&BL Resolutions    Although a physical meeting will be scheduled, individual Georgia Lions may participate in the annual meeting virtually, including by voting for the candidates and resolutions. Any individual Georgia Lion participating in the vote by electronic means, will be required to register online and attend the Volunteer Meeting online 15 minutes prior to the call to order. A link will be sent for registration instructions in the near future.   Jon M. Winters, PCC Board Chairman, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Cell: 706-833-0458 Email: [email protected]  


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